Live Awareness Desire

One of my biggest passions in life is philosophy. I know that you share with me this passion, that’s why you are here!

Everyone of us has the innate desire to think about life. We intuitively know that there is something greater and bigger than us within us. I am sure that we all have tilted our head to the sky at night to wonder the vast universe; without explanation, our consciousness travels beyond time and space so we can delight ourselves completely in that moment… and we feel completely alive and inspired. In this unique moment we become aware about the greatness of ourselves and of our very existence… This are the moments that inspired me to create this blog!

By sharing my thoughts about life with you, I am attempting to inspire you just as the day you tilted your head to the sky. I want to raise your level of awareness on each post, until one day we realice together that we are everything we have always been searching for, that we do not live in a universe we are the universe, that we do not have a soul we are a soul, that I am not an “I” but I am you and “you” are me. We will realice that we are infinite beings.

By understanding ourselves and by increasing our level of awareness we will become happier, healthier, more peaceful and abundant beings. We will become creators.

P.D: To read all the posts please go to the Blog tab located in the top menu. I can not wait to read your opinions on each post.

I hope you enjoy this blog as much as I do.


5 thoughts on “Live Awareness Desire

  1. Great words and great idea to write, but hard to understand, for some people, the idea of something bigger than us within us. It’s no easy to understand the magnificent and wonderful universe and the power of the energy in all of us. But with more writers like you, that guide us through that road, it’s easy find us and with that, find happiness, peace, health and whatever that we really want.

    “..that we do not have a soul… we are a soul…”,

    Let’s be creators!

    Daniel S.


    • Thanks for your words Daniel! I really appreciate them.

      At the end of the day, discovering our true consciousness is nothing more than wisdom. Wisdom is gained by experiences. Before experiencing we need to understand.

      With this blog I hope that you can can gradually assent to the advice of what I write so you will approve intellectually the written word. By doing this, your awareness is going to expand. Therefore, you will start to realice that all the time the same truth was thrust under our very noses. You will suffer the experience. And you will be marvelled that this understanding has escaped you for so long.

      Wish you the best in your life,


    • Gallo! I like the way you think…

      Although I did not mention fear, you are aware that every choice we make is either based on love or fear. One of our deepest fears in life is to realice that we are powerful beyond measure. Why not just choose love and find our true selfs?

      If you want to read more posts please go the the Blog! 😀

      The best,


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